Lake Endine is particularly charming during springtime. Motor boats are forbidden, so you may enjoy the quiet pleasure of a pedal-boat or canoe, which can be easily rented. In the small villages surrounding the lake you can find many churches and medieval castles, rich in works of art. Spinone al Lago is also a wonderful place to visit.  You may rent a boat for the water view, or simply relax in one of the many beautiful restaurants. Other villages worth mentioning include Monasterolo del Castello, well-known for its castle dating from the thirteenth-century and Endine Gaiano with its remarkable Romanesque church.
At the bottom of the valley you can discover a small hidden lake called Lake Gaiano. Surrounded by thick beds of reeds and dotted with water-lilies, it is a wonderful spot for nature lovers and bird-watchers. With binoculars you may see garganeys, mallards, coots, water-hens, great crested grebes, and herons. To appreciate the lake walk down the mule tracks going from Endine and the right shore up to Ranzanico. Continue up the tracks from here to Bianzano where you can find the marvellous fourteenth-century Suardi castle.
Lovere is a very interesting town with museums, historic churches, and Iseo Lake (in the middle of which is Monte Isola, the biggest lake island in Europe). Trescore Balneario is 13 km. away and home to refreshing natural mineral waters.
There are lots of panoramic paths from which you can enjoy an amazing view over the underlying lake Endine, the upper side of lake Iseo, the Adamello chain and all the tops of the Orobie pre-alps.
One of them leads to Malga Lunga, a farmhouse recently restored, containing a Museum on Italian Resistance and where you can have a good meal and stay overnight.
A few kilometres away, in the hearth of the Cavallina Valley, in an oasis of peace, you find Gaverina's Spa, where you can combine hydrotherapy with different leisure activities, artistic itineraries and food and wine routes.

Lake Iseo offers a wide range of healthy sports activities: swimming, windsurfing, fishing, canoeing, scuba diving, and sailing. Water sports are closely connected to the life on the lakeside where the building of boats dates back to immemorial times and wind and water have always been part of a daily challenge. Today, sailing is the most practised sport. In sailing clubs it is possible to rent a sailing boat by showing the qualification, or to find teachers and improve your sailing techniques. In the last few years, thanks to the fresh breezes blowing from lakeside small valleys, several places have become also surfers' favourite destination. A ship building industry has developed to meet everybody's requirements.
Besides Monte Isola shipyards, specialized in building boats in an old-fashioned way, there are Riva's shipyards, worldwide famous for the beauty and the charm of their boats.

The neighbouring Valle del Freddo (Valley of cold), lying at 400 meters above sea level, is a natural reserve of great interest with an impressive alpine vegetation which is quite unusual at this height. This is due to a series of underground currents of cold air coming out of openings (mouths) in the ground giving out freezing air in summer, that create a microclimate similar to the Alpine one.


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